1. Is my Personal information safe with you?
    Yes it is. Our website and records management system is anchored on tried and tested online security systems to secure your information at all times. We maintain strict surveillance to ensure that no breaches of our data occur. Our Privacy Policy describes the procedures that we have established to secure your private information
  2. What kind of books do you sell?
    We stock books for young and mature reader s in most common genres both fiction and non-fiction works. The latter include text books, historical, motivational, Christian religious, crafts and hobbies among others. Please see our Collections Page for a listing of our stock categories.
  3. Can I buy a gift item and have you ship it to the beneficiary’s address?
    Yes, you can do so with ease! To buy a gift for a friend or loved one, make place your order in the normal manner but when you reach Checkout click on Send My Gift To and complete the form and forward it to us via the email gateway provided. We shall gift-wrap the item(s) at no additional cost to you and notify you as soon as we send the package on its way.

You may alternatively choose to buy an e-voucher from us and then email it to the person you intend to offer the gift. The beneficiary will then buy books of equivalent value from our catalogue and well notify you when we ship out the books
  4. Are your prices inclusive of VAT and other taxes?
    Yes all our prices include Value-added- tax so no additional charge is due from you after you pays the listed price.
  5. Do you offer Discounts?
We offer discounts to our customers price and quantity discounts from time to time. Quantity discounts are given on select items with applicable rates subject to negotiation with the customer.

    We also give away discount vouchers based on the value of items purchased. The higher the value of the items purchased the higher the value of the discount vouchers offered. We often put select items of our stock on special offer during promotions that we run regularly. Watch out for these here or in our newsletter bookmarkxpressnews.

  6. What are the benefits of opening an account with you?
    To enjoy a better customer experience when browsing our site and be able to buy any item from us, you are expected to have opened an account with us. Also we provide our registered customers great discount offers and opportunities to participate in our contests and raffles from time to time. Not to mention our monthly magazine bookmarkxpressnews that carries lots of information on new offers and releases as well as valuable content on books, learning and personal development.

    You may also register with us even if you do not intend to buy anything from our shop. Once registered, you will be eligible to receive through our monthly newsletter, bookmarkexpressnews, regular updates on our special offers as well as on our new arrivals. 

  7. How Do I place an Order?
    To place an order for any item, open an account with us by clicking on the My Account Tab located on the Home Page (or at the bottom of any other page you may be in) and provide us with your name and address. We shall treat your personal information in a confidential manner.

You pick out the item you wish to buy by clicking on it followed by the Add To My Cart tab. Repeat the process until you pick out all the items you wish to buy. 

At any one time, our stock management system will show you the quantity of an item in stock. Check the stock data carefully to ensure that the item you want to order for is in stock. Should it be out of stock do not add it to your shopping cart. Instead click on the My Wishlist tab and post your requirement there. We shall contact you as soon as we receive new stock of the title. 

Before you start the payment process, you may wish to confirm that all the items you wish to buy are in your shopping cart. Click on My Cart and review the list. You may thereafter make your payment through the payment gateway of your choice.
  8. Can I cancel my purchase or change my delivery address after I make place the order?
    After you have bought and paid for your item it is not possible to cancel your order. You can only return the item under the terms and conditions specified in our returns policy described in our Shipping and returns page.
    You can change the delivery address for an order but only if the shipment has not left the port! Once we dispatch your package from ours stores, it is not possible to change the delivery address.
  9. How Do I pay for my Purchases?
    We have several payment gateways that you may use to make your purchase

    Our most popular are mobile money transfer gateways including safaricom Equitel and Airtel. All your monies are secured through the security systems provided by these service providers in addition to our own protocols on use of your personal information as explained in our Privacy Policy page.

    Refunds for returned purchases are made through the to the numbers that the funds were received from. Procedures on how to make payment with mobile money transfers are outlined in the Check Out page.
  10. What happens if I overpay?
    Should the amount you pay for any item exceed its price (including shipping) we will credit your account with the balance which you may thereafter use to make purchases in future. You can monitor your account balance by clicking onto My Account and selecting Balance.
  11. How long will it take you to deliver my order? 

    Our performance standard says we should any item purchased from us to any part of Kenya in between one and five days of receipt of payment. However, purchases made by our customers in Nairobi have the shortest turn-around times with some deliveries effected in a s little as two hours after purchase. Purchases to other major towns and cities take two days on average.
  12. Can I provide feedback?
    Yes you can feedback to us with much ease. We love feedback from our readers because it gives us insights on how we are doing and helps us improve the quality of our services. You may contact us through the Contact Us page form or shoot an email to our address feedback@bookmarkxpress.co.ke or Customerservice@bookmarkxpress.co.ke. We respond to all feedback and enquiries promptly.

Need more Information?

If you have any other question about our services, do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact Us page or though our email info@bookmarkxpress.co.ke.

For further information about our stock, terms of trade or any other matter related to our shop, click on My Account and select Tell Me or send your question(s) to info@bookmarkxpress.co.ke.