Payment Methods
We accept wide range payment methods for use in paying for purchases made in our shop. These are; credit and debit cards, bank transfers, demand draft, personal cheque and mobile money transfer. The payment gateways, and the terms and conditions for their use in our shop, are outlined in the table below:

Application Payment
Point at Which the Shipping Process Begins
Credit/Debit Card All Purchases N/A As soon as we note that the transaction has been recorded in our system.
Paypal All Purchases N/A As soon as the transaction is    recorded in our system.
Mobile phone Transfer All purchases MPesa Account Upon receipt of notice of transfer of equivalent value from the Service Provider
Telkom Money
Bank Transfer Bulk  Purchases   Upon a remittance of equivalent value being credited into our bank Account
Demand Draft Bulk  Purchases   Upon receipt and crediting of the amount of draft in our Bank Account.
Personal Cheque Bulk purchases made in Kenya and some countries in  East Africa   Upon crediting of the transfer into  our bank Account

All our payment gateways are guaranteed as secure subject to normal precautions applicable to paper and electronic money transactions. The use of the payment gateways is subject to the terms and conditions set by their respective owners.