Our Guarantee
We promise to sell you what you see and choose to buy from our store. Should you not be satisfied with any book that you receive from us, you are free to return it to us and we shall refund your all your money including the shipping charges paid to us.

To qualify for return, the book must be in good condition (not stained, scratched, wrinkled or damaged in any way). You must also inform us of your intention to return the item not more than one day after you receive it from us. In addition, for returns of electronic items such as CDs and DVds, the packaging must not be opened or damaged. Further no refunds are allowed for these items but we can exchange them with identical or similar ones available in our stock.
In spite of their low prices, all our books are new and in good condition. Our stock includes bargain books. Bargain books are new books bought from publishers undertaking stock reductions. A bargain book may contain a mark placed by the respective publisher to prevent vendors from returning the book for credit more than once.  The books are otherwise in very good condition. Their only difference from our other new books is that they are cheaper in price!

Buying Gift Items
Should you desire to buy a gift for a friend or loved one, make your purchase in the normal manner but when you reach Checkout click onto Send My Gift To and complete the form and send it to us via the email gateway provided. We shall gift-wrap the item(s) at no additional cost to you and notify you as soon as we send the items on their way.

You may alternatively choose to buy an e-voucher from us and then email it to the person you intend to offer a gift. The beneficiary will then use the voucher to buy one or more items from our catalog.  

Discount and other Vouchers
We offer discount vouchers to our customers from time to time. The value of the voucher is based on the value of items purchased. The higher the value of items purchased the higher the value of the discount vouchers offered. We, in addition, put select items of our stock on special offer during promotions that we run on a regular basis. Watch out for these here or in our newsletter bookmarkxpressnews.

Balances in Your Account
Should the amount you pay for any item exceed its price (including shipping) we will credit your account with the balance which you may use to make purchases in future. You can monitor your account balance by clicking on My Account and selecting Balance.

Can’t Find Your Favourite Book?
If you have in mind a title that you can’t find in our catalog, you may enlist our help at no cost by clicking on My Wishlist and sending us an email from there. We will use our contacts to widen the search on your behalf and get back to you as soon as we get your item. Should our search not be successful, we shall notify you of any close alternative that we may have found for you.

Need more Information?
For further information about our stock, terms of trade or any other matter related to our shop, click on Help (on this on or any other page) or to My Account and select Tell Me or send your question(s)  to customerservice@bookmarkxpress.co.ke.

We appreciate Feedback on the Quality of Our Services
We hope to make your shopping fruitful and the experience that goes with it easy and enjoyable. We would appreciate hearing whether we met your expectations and what we should do to serve you better! Get at us at feedback@bookmarkxpress.co.ke!